Parliamentary questions: impact of EU sanctions on applications by Iranians for temporary residence permits

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  1. Ali

    Thanks for bringing up this questions!
    I would like just to add a simple example of how this interpreting of rule by Dutch government can effect someone’s life.
    I had my job and life in Iran, But because of difficult situation(Political, economical, …) in Iran i decided to go abroad. So came to Holland a year ago as high skilled immigrant. I am working in a Dutch company now, which doesnt do anything related to nuclear energy or any of those suspecting high techs. I resigned myself from my job in Iran , i sold my house there and bought a new one in Den Haag. Now after a year they say we cant extend your Visa and the applications are frozen for now!!!
    You can imagine the stress and frustration and i am dealing with right now!
    Hope thinks get solved as soon as possible

  2. Iman

    Dear Mrs. Schaake,

    Thank you for your attention. I hope the letter helps solving the problem. However, in a long run a deeper action is needed. The rights of Iranian students in the Netherlands have been targeted before, and it is not clear why this happens to us. Many students are affected are active in the areas that not related to Nuclear technology of any kind.

    Iranians work and integrate in the Dutch society and respect its values. Netherlands provides valuable opportunities to live and work. Living here is a rich experience, and allows Iranians to understand the western culture better. This is fundamental to what we need: an improved communication.

    At the same level, the Netherlands enjoys a stream of young and knowledgeable workers seeking their opportunity for a successful career here. This is a win-win situation where both parties (the host and the migrants) can benefit. Thus, it is logical to respect the basic needs and interests of each other.

    Thank you again for your support.


  3. Mostafa

    Dear Mrs. Schaake
    Thank you for your attention and for bringing these questions to the Parliament.
    I might add that aside from the ambiguous theme of this new letter about keeping the applications on hold (not mentioning for how long! which student or employees at which specialty?), we have to remind the decision makers that in the almost similar cases before, this argument has been ruled out against the foreign affair ministry by the legal system (court) of the Netherlands. so why try it again?!!
    I thank you again for your attention.
    Good luck!

  4. Saeid

    Dear Mrs. Schaake

    Thank you for the letter. I hope you can stop the racist guys in Netherlands government (and maybe in future other government in EU) tried to mistranslate the UN sanctions against Iranian regime to ethnic cleansing against Persian race.
    Best Regards,

  5. Dear Mrs. Schaake,

    Thank you very much for your support. I am happy by seeing lots of people who are against this interpretation of Dutch foreign ministry.

    I just can hope this issue get solved as soon as possible for us Iranians, because I really would like to contribute in the Dutch society.

    Hope for peace!

  6. Rouzbeh

    Dear Ms Schaake,

    As an Iranian skilled migrant I deeply appreciate your attention, effort and support.

    Most of us have left Iran to escape political repression and irrational governments, and to contribute to a society which can appreciate our potentials and expertise as educated and capable individuals.
    But it is sad to see that irrationalism is chasing us even in the heart of rational Europe.

    In hope of a better tomorrow,


  7. Mehdi Kh

    To The Authority Of Holland / To Whom It May Concern
    The Visas of all Iranian in Holland are on Hold for a non-sense reason since 14 June 2012 for an unknown period.

    But WHY??
    We are just students, we are not in any political game and it is a mere unfair discrimination against Iranian students, and why we should pay the cost of struggle of two countries !!??
    We are the victims of some political decisions whereas we want just to study and work, and it is an obvious undeniable right for everybody in the world to study and work.
    The authority of Holland should honor and should be happy that a Doctor or Engineer from Iran with more than 25 years of study background in his/her home land , is applying his/her knowledge in your country .You didn’t invest on their previous education whereas they are going to share their knowledge and experience with you .You should welcome this opportunity to develop your country by Iranian Scientist .In contrary we are facing with an inhuman and injustice racist decisions against Iranian !!.
    Having heard this stupid decision from a country like Holland with the allegation of defending on human rights and peace keeping, is really astonishing!!!!.
    It is not fair to take your revenge from innocent Students, Doctors and Engineers.
    Again we are just students and researchers, let us study and work.
    Mehdi + 5000 Innocent Students

  8. Mahmoud

    Thanks for following this matter. From my point of view (somebody in Iran) I can say this does not only mean a sanctions for political people in Iran (goverment) but also it makes them happy to see that people (student) can not leave the country (Iran) anymore. So this kind of act help Iranian government to continue their objective not stopping them ant this encourages them. Believe me.

  9. Was there are response to the questions?

  10. Ali

    Thanks so much for your kind effort in this regard .
    I would like to mention the below facts :
    1.Netherlands government is helping Iran government with sending back all Iranian knowledge migrant to Iran , Because If we ( as knowledge migrant ) go back to Iran by force of NL misgovernment , Iran Gvmnt. will be so happy to have more technological people in his hand .In other words , Netherlands transfer more technology to Iran more with applying this rule.
    2.We have already had unlimited contract with our company and because of this ,We have invest many things in Netherlands like buying house ,getting mortgages and social issues like children school and etc. . I mean we will have many damages in our life if this rule wants to be applied .

    Again I want to thank you for everything you are doing for this case .

    In case of any reply to your letter , We would be so pleased if you put it in your site in order to be seen by everybody .

  11. Arash

    Dear Marietje
    Thank you so much for your support
    Being informed you that many of Iranian high skilled immigrants who working in NL, got working in some US based company which involving in Oil and gas sector. I am just wondering many of these company don’t have any problem with our nationality with considering this fact that USA originated an alliance of EU countries to make a sanction against Iran. While one of main basis of human right is nationality discrimination why should we see this type of human right defection as a governmental base decision in the Netherlands.
    The Dutch Foreign Minister announcement against Iranian nationality with regard to stop work permit renewal and student visa is an outstanding type of discrimination and racism in a democratic country like the Netherlands.

  12. Narjes

    The Dutch immigration and naturalization service (IND) has announced recently (3 July 2012) that the application for extension/renewal of the residence permits of IRANAIN labour and highly skilled migrants, scientists and self-employed persons (including the applications of their family members) in the petroleum gas, and petrochemical industries is HOLD until further notice.
    IND justification for this decision is based upon new EU regulations (No.267/2012, dated 23rd. March.2012) for implementation of enhanced sanctions against Iran Government, however this decision made by IND has strong negative impacts mainly on people who has been living in the Netherlands for few years. The stress and uncertainty of the situation has left too much frustration and even jeopardize their future jobs and consequently their lives in the Netherlands.
    The main intension of Dutch companies by hiring Iranian experts is to strengthen Oil & Gas market’s knowledge and fulfill skilled manpower shortage; however returning home Iranian highly skilled migrants is on contrary with original target of sanction to prevent transferring technological knowledge back to Iran.
    Outcome of this decision by IND is influencing negatively on daily life of people (who has brought to the Netherlands legally) does not reflect tolerance, compassion and traditional Dutch values for guests.

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