European Parliament calls for EU sanctions against Bahrain

The European Parliament today endorsed a strong worded resolution addressing the ongoing human rights violations in Bahrain. The effort led by Dutch Member of European Parliament Marietje Schaake (ALDE/D66) calls for targeted EU sanctions against human rights violators inBahrain. “For almost two years now the world has ignored the lethal violence used against Bahraini peaceful protestors. We have to be consistent in our policies and impose sanctions to force the Bahraini authorities to respect rights and freedoms”, Schaake says.

Since February 2011 protests take place in Bahrain. The Bahraini population, of which Shias make up around 70 percent and the rest is mostly Sunni, is being closely watched by Saudi-Arabia and Iran. Bahraini authorities received Saudi support through tanks that were sent to assist in suppressing revolts. Demonstrations in which citizens call for more democracy are increasingly sectarian. Schaake: “People suffocate from the excessive use of tear gas, bird shot is fired from a very close range. Doctors face jail time for providing basic medical care, activists are sentenced to life long imprisonment in flawed trials. Schaake led several other initiatives that got Parliamentary backing.

Also bloggers and youth activists who use social media to inform a vast international public about the situation in their country, are being arrested. “Sayed Yousif al-Muhafdha (@Saidyousif) was arrested in Bahrain on 18 December. Two weeks earlier he was one of the speakers during a roundtable inBrussels I organized on the human rights situation in his country. A Bahraini diplomat also attended that meeting.” The Liberal MEP sought to visit Bahrain with an official Parliamentary delegation, but was the only Member of European Parliament who was not granted a visa.

In November 2011 an independent commission of inquiry (BICI) on the request of Bahraini king Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa presented a set of recommendations and reforms which would meet the protestors’ demands. Despite several commitments by the authorities no changes have been made. Schaake: “The authorities keep referring to the BICI report as the silver bullet, but so far it is nothing more than their paper reality. By imposing sanctions the EU finally shows it is getting serious.” Schaake notes that the United States refrains from criticizing the Gulf state, which is likely related to the US Navy’s 5th fleet being based there.

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  1. ali

    U think bahran or gcc will allow eu to put sanctions? Whole gcc will put sanctions on eu and with ur financial crisis u guys will not last a day

  2. fatima

    Thank you so much for at last doing something for the poor people of Bahrain. you are really a God send and you have a big heart. we, mothers, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, cousins, families and friends wish to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking this inititive in helping this country. We do not want the king to step down, we just want to have jobs, houses etc so we can live in peace with our families, instead of bringing in all kinds of different nationalities to take our jobs, have the best housing get the nationality and to kill us. God bless you

  3. hanan

    Thank you Ms Schaaka. You will go straight to heaven for your compassion and great deeds. Your country must be so proud of you. Our Bahrain is sinking because of the arms that are provided to these merceneries from the States and Europe. Innocent people are bombarded with house raids, torture, theft on a nightly basis. The daily toxic tear gas has killed too many citizens, ranging from a few months to 85 years in age. While the United Nations are keeping quiet, you have come to our aid. May Allah always help and protect you and your family by his Grace. You are truly the greatest person. We love you

  4. crying mother

    My dear Mrs Schaaka, I am a mother of a 11 year old boy who was brutaly shot in the head while he was out playing with his friends. They shot my son from the back, an 11 year old boy who knows nothing about politics, who harmed no one. My heart bleeds when i look at his smiling face in the picture i carry everywhere with me. Up till now nothing has been done to the murderer. Mine is only one case, hundreds have met the same fate but no justice. Our country is ruled by murderers,tyrants, money worshiping barbarians who think human life is nothing. I hope God will give us justice very soon. We all thank you for your help and bow down to you.

  5. m amin

    You are a beautiful lady with a beautiful heart.

  6. marima a

    Which country in the world will jail HUMAN RIGHTS people for only speaking and that too for 2/3 years? The answer is only in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. It is because they do not want anyone to speak the truth. They have barred so many journalists from entering and covering reports because they live on lies and are only making fools of themselves as many U-Tube articles are on the desks of hundreds of people all over the world. Wake up your criminals, dont you fear the almighty God. Mrs Schaaka thank you for standing by us and not accepting bribes to keep your mouth shut. Hope you are always in the care of our lord.

  7. masooma

    We are very happy that you are on the side of the truth. You will be the only person to help the people of Bahrain from the daily gases, birdshot, shooting, robbery, torture, that the citizens are enduring everyday. The merceneries stop cars and steal mobile phones, money, jewellery etc in broad daylight and who do you complain to when it is the police who are doing this. One gentleman went to complain and he was held in prison, beaten, tortured with all means and they gave his corpse to the family. This and worse is happening in Bahrain. Please help us Mrs Schaaka. We are very thankful for your attention. Allah will protect you and your loved ones

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