Statement on misinformation in Bahraini press

Monday (18 February 2013) I met with a delegation of Members of the Bahraini Parliament, as well as with the Ambassador of Bahrain. The people in the meeting were:

- Mr. Abdulrahman Rashid Bumjeed, MP

- Mr. Ahmed Ebrahim Rashid Al-Mulla, MP

- Dr. Ali Ahmed, MP

- H.E the Ambassador Ahmed Aldoseri

- Ms. Najah Ali Rashed, 1st Secretary at the Embassy.

Before the meeting started a picture was taken. After my question whether the meeting would be held on the record or off the record, we agreed it would be off the record.

I believe in transparency but I have experienced a number of cases where media from Bahrain published articles that were untrue, that is why I wanted to avoid any publications.

To my great disappointment people in the meeting did not stick to their word, and I found this article, which contains false interpretations of my words. It undermines yesterday’s meeting as a whole, in which the Bahraini guests had an opportunity to share their views and I shared mine. I believe in dialogue, even when it involves difficult subjects.

For my own perspective on the situation in Bahrain, I would like to refer anyone interested to my website. I also played an active role in drafting and negotiating the latest 3 (January 2013March 2012October 2011) resolutions on Bahrain that were adopted by the majority of Parliament.

I am very concerned about the systematic misinformation and propaganda that are used in Bahrain, and I believe it will hurt dialogue efforts which are needed to end the violence and to ensure the wellbeing of all Bahraini. 


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  1. Hasan

    This normal with this brutal regime. We are suffering a lot from their brutality, lies and intimidation.
    Every single day, the governed sponsored media publishes articles that betrays the people of Bahrain. Last but not least, ministry on interior announced that it dismantled a network that is planning for a terrorist acts; but it turned out that all detainees are innocent and demanding freedom.

    Best regards,

  2. Mohamed Hasan

    Very normal in Bahrain. Not only this, bahrain government supporters will not believe your denial of it.. they trust their newspaper!! I wish you file a case against them.

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