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Consent CETA is a crucial step

Press release

Member of the European Marietje Schaake welcomes the majority that supported the free trade agreement between the European Union and Canada. Today, the European Parliament voted in favour of CETA. Schaake: "This is a crucial step. While US trade policy under President Trump is unpredictable, and he turns his back towards the world by raising tariff walls, Europe proves it is a reliable trade partner. Working together with Canada will lead to jobs and growth as well as strengthen trade rules."


At this time, Europe must show where it stands: the EU commits to an open international market. Schaake: "Canada is the most European country outside of Europe, especially under liberal Prime Minister Trudeau. After 7 years of intensive negotiations, the EP has approved a progressive agreement, which fulfills our high European standards with regard to consumer protection, the environment and health."


The EU has much to gain from increased cooperation with Canada. Schaake: "This trade agreement will eliminate bureaucratic hurdles. Removing tariffs wil strenghten the position of European companies, large and small, in Canada. The agreement will lead to more exports, more growth and more jobs."

National governments

Now that the European Parliament has given its consent, the national parliaments of member states will have to vote on CETA. Schaake: "National governments have already approved the agreement. It is now their job to defend the agreement in front of their own parliaments. I expect ministers to do so and make sure they fully inform parliamentarians of the benefits of CETA."

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