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Liberal group supports D66 proposal to enshrine net neutrality in law

At the initiative of the Dutch social-liberal party D66, the liberal ALDE Group today has put forward a new text to enshrine net neutrality in law in Europe. The text clarifies uncertainties and closes loopholes that remained after the vote in the Committee for Industry and Research. Dutch MEP Schaake: “It is too early to celebrate, but informal talks suggest that a majority in the European Parliament will support the definition of and guarantees for net neutrality in this proposal. Net neutrality has been enshrined in law in the Netherlands and in Slovenia, but not yet at a European level. By doing so, competitiveness, innovation and the open internet will be protected against abuse of power by companies at the expense of consumers. ” Rash consideration The European Parliament was pushed into a very swift consideration of Commissioner Kroes’ proposal for a single European telecoms market. “It is good to be ambitious and it was indeed high time roaming fees were abolished”, says Schaake. “But because the proposal was pushed through the European Parliament too hastily, net neutrality risked being traded away, which is unacceptable.” Sprint to the finish line In two weeks’ time, the European Parliament will have a plenary vote on the final text of the telecoms package, in which net neutrality has to be included. On the initiative of the liberal group, an agreement was reached about ending roaming costs and about the improvement of high-speed mobile internet in Europe. Schaake: “Thanks to an end sprint, the necessary European guarantees for net neutrality can be added to that. This is a big step forward for the completion of the digital single market, something all Europeans will benefit from. Hopefully this will be a decisive signal to the member states to protect the open internet in Europe, as not all of them support the Dutch model of net neutrality.” The plenary vote on the proposal for a European single telecoms market will take place on April 3rd.