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MEP: strong net neutrality missing in new European telecom rules

The European Parliament today voted on rules on the Telecoms Single Market in Europe. Member of the European Parliament Marietje Schaake (ALDE/D66) has argued for more clearly defining net neutrality in European law. That proposal did not reach a majority. "This is a missed opportunity. Net neutrality is crucial for an open intenernet, fair competition in the digital economy and for innovation. That is why we want strong rules, which we already have in the Netherlands, in the whole of Europe. Especially now that the United States has netneutrality laws, ours should be top notch." Digital Single Market For Many Europeans, abolishing roaming costs is the most important result of today's vote. Schaake: "Just like for everyone else, abolishing roaming fees is very important for me. Yet, to create a single market, much more is needed. In the discussions, too much attention was given to the interests of national telecom companies and too little to those of internet users and the economy of the future. This has led to vague texts on net neutrality, which compromises the open internet. I hope that he Council and the Commission will show more urgency and ambition when it comes to the European Digital Single Market. Fragmentation in Europe is costing us billions of euros." Marietje Schaake on netneutrality and the telecoms package: 30-06-2015 State of Play Telecoms Single Market 30-06-2015 MEP Schaake reacts to preliminary deal on Telecoms Single Market 26-03-2015 MEP: The European Digital Single Market is a pipe dream without a strong Telecom Market 04-03-2015 MEP: Council must adopt a more ambitious plan on Telecoms Single Market 04-03-2015 Letter to the Ministers of the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council (TTE) concerning TSM 26-11-2014 MEPs urge the Council to uphold net neutrality and roaming provisions 03-04-2014 MEP: European Parliament supports proposal Schaake to enshrine net neutrality in European law 03-04-2014 Plenary speech on net neutrality in the single telecoms market 18-03-2014 MEP: net neutrality and the open internet traded off in telecoms package 12-09-2013 Schaake: Commissioner Kroes misses historic opportunity to guarantee net neutrality european-parliament2