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Plenary speech on Bahrain, the case of Mohammed Ramadan

On Feburay 4, Marietje Schaake spoke in the plenary about the case of Mohammed Ramadan in Bahrain. Marietje Schaake, author - Madam President, this week many of the people here – just like I did – heard from the authorities in Bahrain. Those authorities would like to focus on energy, security and other issues of mutual concern, and I too would prefer not to have to ask the Bahraini authorities again to stop torture, to stop repressing minority opinions, to stop revoking people’s citizenships, and now – the worst punishment of all – to stop the death penalty. Mohammed Ramadan is one of 10 people on death row in Bahrain, but he is the first to have exhausted all legal appeal mechanisms. We urgently call on the Bahraini authorities to reinstall the moratorium on the death penalty. More broadly, the best way – and in fact the only way – to develop fruitful and deep cooperation between Bahrain and the European Union is for them to unequivocally respect the rights of all people in Bahrain, to grant the Special Representative of the UN access to the country and full access to detainees at facilities, and to make sure that it respects the rights of people.
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