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Reaction MEP Schaake to conclusion TPP

Today, the 12 states negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership reached an agreement. The United States is one of these countries and is currently also negotiating a trade agreement with the EU, the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Member of the European Parliament Marietje Schaake (ALDE/D66) responds: "It is important to see trade embedded in rules, preferably globally. I am glad that the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which had been in its final stages for a very long time, is now concluded. On the US side, this will free up valuable time, energy and political capital to invest in the negotiations in TTIP. There is no longer an excuse not to discuss even the more challenging topics. The conclusion of TPP should also remind Europeans that we will either be driving rules and standards for global trade, or other countries will set their own standards. The EU is also in negotiation with important economies like Japan on a free trade agreement. The space for negotiation will inevitably be influenced by what Japan agreed in TPP."