Statement on misinformation in Bahraini press

Monday (18 February 2013) I met with a delegation of Members of the Bahraini Parliament, as well as with the Ambassador of Bahrain. The people in the meeting were: - Mr. Abdulrahman Rashid Bumjeed, MP - Mr. Ahmed Ebrahim Rashid Al-Mulla, MP - Dr. Ali Ahmed, MP - H.E the Ambassador Ahmed Aldoseri - Ms. Najah Ali Rashed, 1st Secretary at the Embassy. Before the meeting started a picture was taken. After my question whether the meeting would be held on the record or off the record, we agreed it would be off the record. I believe in transparency but I have experienced a number of cases where media from Bahrain published articles that were untrue, that is why I wanted to avoid any publications. To my great disappointment people in the meeting did not stick to their word, and I found this article, which contains false interpretations of my words. It undermines yesterday's meeting as a whole, in which the Bahraini guests had an opportunity to share their views and I shared mine. I believe in dialogue, even when it involves difficult subjects. For my own perspective on the situation in Bahrain, I would like to refer anyone interested to my website. I also played an active role in drafting and negotiating the latest 3 (January 2013March 2012October 2011) resolutions on Bahrain that were adopted by the majority of Parliament. I am very concerned about the systematic misinformation and propaganda that are used in Bahrain, and I believe it will hurt dialogue efforts which are needed to end the violence and to ensure the wellbeing of all Bahraini.  (