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Written Questions about the Hungarian proposal for imposing a data tax

Today Marietje Schaake submitted written questions to the European Commission about the Hungarian proposal for imposing a data tax. 'Hungary should not hamper the establishment of a digital single market which we need to desperately in Europe', Marietje Schaake says. 'By being the first country in the world to tax for internet use, this is a real risk. I also want to be sure netneutrality is not undermined by the Orban government plans.' wq-hungary-data-tax
Full text Authors: Marietje Schaake, Sophie in 't Veld Subject: Hungarian proposal for imposing a data tax On 21 October, the Hungarian government submitted a draft tax bill to parliament. Amongst others, it proposes to establish the obligation for internet service providers (ISP's) to pay taxes on data traffic. Given the government party's majority in parliament, the proposal has a high chance of becoming law. [1] 1. How does the Commission assess the proposal, in what way was the Commission informed prior to this draft bill being made public, does the Commission consider the tax in line with EU2020 objectives and with conditions for EU structural funds for Hungary, and how does this proposal relate to planned EU legislation such as the Telecom Single Market, in particular to netneutrality and Deep Packet Inspection? 2. Does the Commission agree that the proposed internet tax may increase the tax burden of Hungarian ISP's, and impact consumers with negative consequences for competition, broadband investments, economic development and access to internet - especially as regards remote regions and lower income areas, thereby increasing the digital divide? 3. How does the Commission see the exceptional position Hungary would take as the first country in the world to impose a data tax, in combination with the goal of removing barriers to create a Single Digital Market? [1]